Welcome to the shitshow.

20190915_172357Hey y’all. Welcome to this crazy thing I call my life. It’s chaotic, but it’s also everything I could ever ask for! I’m a mama of a 22 month old and a 2 month old. Yeah, 2 under 2, I know we are crazy, you’re not the first to point it out haha. We bought a house a year ago, and have started to make it our own. So far, being a stay at home mom has been quite the event! I started staying home in August of 2018, and since then it’s been quite busy! I’m one of those moms who cloth diapers, eats vegan (yeah, I said it, we’re vegan whhhhhhaaaat?!), and lives on coffee. We are Dave Ramsey-ing the crap out of everything and its crushing me, yet thrilling me. I talk a lot, overshare, and when I’m passionate about something I’m sure to tell you all about it.  Anyways, this is gonna be a trip I’m sure so pass the coffee and hang on tight!

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