Holiday Gift List!

Anyone else deal with family that says they don’t want anything, or don’t know what they want when it to gifts??


That’s why I’ve complied a list of all my favorite items to to give! I’ve used most everything on this list and love it! Its broken into categories to make it easier for you guys!

Let’s start with the babies shall we?!

0-6 months old — these are tough because they aren’t quite big enough to play with a ton so I go more practical.

  • Wubbanub. If they are a pacifier baby this helps keep the pacifier by them and helps you keep track of it! Plus they’re so cute!
  • Love to dream swaddles! Both my kiddos have been arms up sleepers and this has helped keep them swaddled while keeping them happy! They even have a transitional version.
  • Teething toys. The Munch Mitt is an amazing option. I tend to find small shops that I love and they make beautiful pieces!

Now lets talk about those 6mo-2year olds!

  • Replay dinnerware. Its amazing how excited my son gets at new plates, and these are super fun! They use recycled milk jugs so they’re nice for our planet and they come in fun colors and multiple sizes!
  • Grimms. These wooden toys grow with your child and are open eneded and can be used SO many ways!
  • Kyte baby. Kyte baby has the softest bamboo layette items and sleep sacks! I wish they made them in my size. Its heavenly! These are good for the younger babies too, don’t you worry!
  • Lily and River climber. This is amazing! It can be tons of things. A slide, a climber, a rock climber. Its great for getting out energy and it grows with them!

I don’t have too many older kiddos to buy for so I’m going to leave that to the more experienced people out there! I will say, art projects, and creative items are what I tend to buy when I have to get something on the rare occasion!

For my new mamas out there this is for you!

  • Lalabu babywearing shirt. You need this. If you know a new mama grab her a gift card so she can get the right sizing but this is a game changer! It’s a shirt that fits similar to shapewear and can be worn anytime, but it doubles as a baby carrier! You can slide babe in when they’re having a tough time and you need to be hands free. It keeps them close and happy and gives you the chance to do whatever you need!
  • Spa day. Even if you’re just building a basket with a face mask, some wine, a bath bomb or bubble bath. We forget to take care of ourselves sometimes and this is am opportunity to relax and focus on yourself for a little bit!
  • A giftcard for a haircut/color. This is a follow up to that spa day. We don’t take the time for ourselves. We don’t want to spend the money. It feels great when you finally get yourself taken care of though!

And for the rest of the adults in your life…

  • K Bell socks! Super fun prints, super comfy. They make getting socks for christmas FUN!
  • Customized Jewelry. Caitlyn Minimalist is a great small shop for this! I actually got my wedding bands from her.
  • A date night. If they have kids offer to watch them and give them dinner and a movie on you, or rock climbing, or even just a night at home alone!
  • Baskets. I tend to lean towards curated baskets that fit their interests! They like to cook? Maybe a cookbook and something that goes with it (cookie cutters, grill items, etc) They like to craft? A few items that work for their craft whether it be paint, yarn, clay, pencils, etc.

For everyone!

  • Reusable items. Bags, ziplocks, straws, cups, etc. Anything that will help them save money and helps the environment is a win in my book!

Now listen, everyone isn’t one size fits all but this should give you a great start! Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram, I’ll be hosting giveaway the first week of December with some of these amazing items!

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