New Year, New Nothing

Holidays make me feel all kinds of….angsty? For multitudes of reasons. This year as we come to a close I’ve decided to embrace my inner teen angst and use it for good.

I’m going into 2020 living my best life. We are wild around here and at times I’ve got big plans and I get a ton of “but why?” “You can do it just this once!” “I’ll just do it for you.” Being misunderstood is nothing I’m a stranger to, just ask my family.. They think I’m slightly crazy I’m sure šŸ˜‚

So this year I’m diving in and fully embracing all my wild ideas, sorry husband. Luckily, he’s usually on board and supportive.

So here we go, goals for this year include:

  • No Spend Month (maybe months, who knows) this means we pay our monthly bills such as mortgage, utilities, car, gas etc. and minimal groceries but nothing else. There can be exceptions, but only if they were preplanned.
  • Budgeting like fools. We are doing Dave Ramsey which basically means every dollar is accounted for and has a use–that means we will be paying things off as fast as humanly possible heeeeyyyyy
  • Minimalizing. Stuff stresses me out. It stresses my husband out. I’m the worst at organizing when I start getting burnt out. So this year we are focusing on doing more with less. Our kids don’t need 5 million toys. I don’t need clothes I haven’t worn in 3 years. That junk mail? Unsubscribe. This translates to my email inbox also.
  • Reducing waste. We try really hard already but this year I’m really digging into reducing our waste, reducing the plastic we put out, and buying secondhand.
  • Plant based living. We do this already, I’m just putting it out there because it’s something I’ll be working on.

Don’t get me wrong, I love going out and doing things with family and friends, and shopping etc. as much as the next person but please don’t offer to buy my things just because they aren’t in my budget, I’m doing a no spend month etc. That defeats the purpose, and honestly I probably don’t need whatever it is anyways!

I’ve got big plans that include paying off our debt, creating opportunities, and reducing our stress levels over here. What about you?

Feel free to follow along— I’ll be over here sharing away. Also, feel free to share your wins this year, that’s important too!

(Just to be clear no copyright infringement is intended here, the office is just my spirit show šŸ¤·ā€ā™€ļø)

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