New Year, New Nothing

Holidays make me feel all kinds of….angsty? For multitudes of reasons. This year as we come to a close I’ve decided to embrace my inner teen angst and use it for good. I’m going into 2020 living my best life. We are wild around here and at times I’ve got big plans and I get […]


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Mom runs on….Scotty P?

Listen, I know a coffee place that likes to say America runs on them. I hate to break it to them though, that I do not. I have a new favorite coffee y’all. As a former barista I’ve had a lot…..a lot of coffee. I’m here to tell you that this mama runs on Scotty […]

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Holiday Gift List!

Anyone else deal with family that says they don’t want anything, or don’t know what they want when it to gifts?? Same. That’s why I’ve complied a list of all my favorite items to to give! I’ve used most everything on this list and love it! Its broken into categories to make it easier for […]

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Welcome to the shitshow.

Hey y’all. Welcome to this crazy thing I call my life. It’s chaotic, but it’s also everything I could ever ask for! I’m a mama of a 22 month old and a 2 month old. Yeah, 2 under 2, I know we are crazy, you’re not the first to point it out haha. We bought […]

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